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 Snakes on A plane Frist deck profile

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PostSubject: Snakes on A plane Frist deck profile   Sat Jun 10, 2017 12:59 am

Hello, Ladyies and gentlemen, today we shall have clear blue skys, with a slight chance of SNAKES ON A PLANE.

I welcome you all to my frist (one this academy anyways) Deck profile.
The deck we shall be covering today takes two decks and mixes them together for a fun and sometimes
crazy deck iv chosen to be called snakes on the plane. The deck has two weird archetypes that I am going to need to explain In full pre showing the deck and why I did what I did.

The frist and main one is frist of all the planes of the deck better known as the mecha phantom beast archtype, the archtype uses level 3 or 4 machine winds monsters to summon tokens onto the board though different means and also they have an effect by tributing the tokens as well.However one of the reasoins we chose this archtype is not of all those great things, but reather there effect of there level is equial to what ever there is + the level total of the  mecha tokens on board. What this means is we can easily go for level 7 and 10s when needed adding extra power to the deck that might not have been there otherwise.Aslo for next format note you can use the tokens for your link plays as well. But that brings up the qustion why bring this archtype now, well this next archtype that is mixxed in is going to show you why.

The next archtype placed inside the planes that will start WW3 are the reptillanne archtype
or the snakes that are In THE PLANE. Anyways, this archtype needs 0 attack monsters to do there effect and yes tokens do count towards this goal. Meaning all those tokens you are summoning can by used
as well as a card we run at 3 to make sure we can use there effects to the maximum we can.
Anyways the big thing about this archtype is by runing them we can go for rank4 plays easiler as well as we get two crazy monsters, A masrhmellon that drops the attacking monster to 0, and a BLS of the deck in the name of vaskii, that is a 2600 attacking monster that needs to 2 o attack monster to be tributed by its effect for it to be summoned, that can kill a monster on our op board. So why is this monster so key you might ask, well the tokens you summon from the last archtype count for the tributes as well as the monster you drop to 0 with this archtype. Pretty much your summoning tokens on your board while cutting your ops attack to 0 to summon a bls type monster to win the game and maybe with a xyz monster to back her up.

The deck in it current build

a few tech cards you could run, goats, replace barrer roll with sols, cut offerings for any hand traps.

Anyways thats my deck profile if you guys have any tips be glad to post them below and I will try them out and tell you how they did anyways have a great day and thanks you for reading.  Sleep
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Snakes on A plane Frist deck profile
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