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 khidd brazy's test results

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PostSubject: khidd brazy's test results   Mon Jun 12, 2017 5:16 pm

Deck Build:
10 Creativity: 9/10
(Had a crossbreed of Blue Eyes and Galaxy Dragons. They worked well together and haven't really seen much of the build he had going. Used alot of old school cards that caught me off guard like Magic Cylinder, Mystic Box, and even Wabaku.)

10 Competitive: 6/10
(They deck consists of high beater monsters and seem to revovled around the rank up of cypher dragon. Although there were times the deck had me on my toes, if you can get over the beaters it was pretty much gg.)

5 Consistency: 3/5
(In the final two duels, his hands had nothing much but blue-eyes in it. When i managed to stop cards like a searcher, or a card that allowed him to draw, his turn was over.)

5 synergy: 4/5
(Got to say both types of dragon work good together. With a bit of improvement, I believe it could be a really good casual play type of deck.)

Game Play:
20 Field Control: 11/20
(I controled the field most of the duel, however their were times where you caught me off guard...fucking magic cylinder and alternative blue-eyes.)

20 Card Usage: 18/20
(Got to say you knew how to combine your cards together and create some insane combos. When you got out alternative blue-eyes, galaxy eyes and went into cipher and it's up graded form, i knew then you knew the deck up and down.)

5 Siding: 3/5

Winning: 8/15 (1-2)

Ruling Test: 4/10

Incentive: 7
(Over all, it was an intersting duel. You had me scared to attack sometime, however honest neos caught you off guard a bit more. Your deck is great, however it doesn't have anyway to rebound. If someone was to stop that one card during your turn that makes your deck pop off, it is a done deal. )

Score 73/100

Placement is as follows:

White: 100-86
Green: 85-70
Purple: 69-0

Welcome to Wingman Green! geek you on the book!
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PostSubject: Re: khidd brazy's test results   Mon Jun 12, 2017 5:17 pm

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khidd brazy's test results
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